نحن لا نستسلم ننتصر أو نموت 
فلسطين - غزة 

It’s Different When We Do It

Forget Bieber and Bloom, this is the video you should watch today 

By now, most people who pay attention to pop culture have heard of the video of Orlando Bloom attacking Justin Bieber outside an Ibiza restaurant. It’s been played over the news ad naseum, generating hundreds of articles and blog posts (even from the most respected news outlets), discussing everything from the long list of people who hate Justin Bieber to what the woman at the center of it all did during the fight.
But as this video went viral, it likely crowded your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed, pushing out a more truely important story.
This is the UN’s Chris Gunness. He breaks down in tears while in an interview on Al Jazeera.

أنا فوق جراحي سأقاومأنا لن أستسلم لن أرضخوعليكِ بلادي لا أساومبيتي هنا .. أرضي هنا

فلسطين - غزة 

A boy writes the names of Palestinian children killed by Israel since the start of their latest assault on Gaza, during a demonstration in Aida Refugee Camp near Bethlehem. (Photo: Musa Al-Shaer via SMPalestine)
We’re tired of war. I, for one, have had enough of bloodshed, death and destruction. But I also can no longer tolerate the return to a deeply unjust status quo. I can no longer agree to live in this open-air prison. We can no longer tolerate to be treated as sub-humans, deprived of our most basic human rights. We are trapped here, trapped between two deaths: death by Israeli bombs and missiles, and death by Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

-Mohammed Suliman, Palestinian human rights worker in Gaza, "From Gaza: I would rather die in dignity than agree to living in an open-air prison" (via thepeoplesrecord)


New photo from Gaza today looks like actual hell on earth.

United Nations officials described the killing of sleeping children as a disgrace to the world and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law after a school in Gaza being used to shelter Palestinian families was shelled on Wednesday.
• Full story here
There is more blood than water flowing here in Gaza.

-A German journalist in response to the water supply shortages caused by the incessant airstrikes. (via transparent-flowers)

Zionism is racism. It is Jewish supremacist nationalism that led to the ethnic cleansing of a majority of the Palestinian people and the settler-colonial occupation of their land. Zionism is the cause of all Palestinian suffering today. If you are a zionist, then you are identifying yourself with this violent and racist ideology, which means you are a racist, too. Peace will only come with the eradication of zionism. Any attempt to obfuscate on this point is nothing more than apologia on behalf of this racism.

-redphilistine (via theyoungradical)

Anonymous said: You know Amnesty International is known to be antisemitic AND anti-Israel, right? So using an article by them as a defense is kinda worthless. (btw, I'm not saying Israel doesn't have problems, I'm just saying AI is not the place to go for at least somewhat unbiased sources)


Yaaaaawn. Transparent, but not unexpected.

I knew this was going to pop up sooner or later. Notice how nobody ever mentions HOW or WHY they are “Antisemitic”. It’s an easy allegation to toss. Are they Antisemitic in the same way Desmond Tutu was suddenly branded “Antisemitic” after he criticized Israeli occupation and compared it to Apartheid?

Check these out:

A/HRC/1/106, A/HRC/S-1/1, A/HRC/S-2/1, A/HRC/S-3/1, A/HRC/2/3, A/HRC/2/4, A/HRC/3/1, A/HRC/3/3, A/HRC/4/2, A/HRC/5/1, OM/1/1, OM/1/2, A/HRC/6/18, A/HRC/6/19, A/HRC/S-6/1, A/HRC/7/1, A/HRC/7/30, A/HRC/7/17, A/HRC/7/18, A/HRC/9/18, A/HRC/S-9/1, A/HRC/10/17, A/HRC/10/21, A/HRC/10/20, A/HRC/10/18, A/HRC/10/19, A/HRC/S-12/1, A/HRC/13/5, A/HRC/13/6, A/HRC/13/7, A/HRC/13/8, A/HRC/13/9, A/HRC/14/1.

No this isn’t a coding error, these are all resolutions targeting Israel for human rights violations adopted by the Human Rights Council.

106, 111, 127, 162, 171, 228, 237, 248, 250, 251, 252, 256, 259, 262, 265, 267, 270, 271, 279, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 317, 332, 337, 347, 425, 427, 444, 446, 450, 452, 465, 467, 468, 469, 471, 476, 478, 484, 487, 497, 498, 501, 509, 515, 517, 518, 520, 573, 587, 592, 605, 607, 608, 636, 641, 672, 673, 681, 694, 726, 799, 904, 1073, 1322, 1402, 1403, 1405, 1435, 1544, 1860, 1937, 2004, 2064.

These are all 77 resolutions targeting Israel for international law violations adopted by the UN.

Organizations like B’tselem, Human Rights Watch, and even the International Court of Justice have all issued countless reports and advisory opinions stating that Israel breaks the Geneva Conventions more often than Abraham Foxman cries “Khamas!”.

So now you have to ask yourself. Could every single one of these organizations be wrong, and Israel is right?

Is it seriously easier for you to believe, that every single international Human Rights organization, the UN, the Interntional Court and any other party documenting war crimes, are in on some MASSIVE conspiracy /specifically/ targeting Israel… than to believe that Israel juuuuust might have done something wrong?

How full of yourself do you have to be, how big must your ego be to think that tens of thousands of people, billions upon billions in funding…are all somehow mobilized and dedicated /just/ for poor little Israel?

This might come as a shock to Israelis, but the world actually doesn’t revolve around Israel, as much as you’d like to believe that it does. I’ve actually seen Israelis suggest that the EU would be the biggest loser in the case it boycotts Israel. In their minds, the world owes them a favor for existing.

All these organizations are branded and demonized as “biased” and “Anti-Israel”. Yeah well reality has an Anti-Israel bias. Bias is not a dirty word. You have a moral obligation to be biased against injustice.

Israel doesn’t “have problems.” Israel is the problem.

I have never seen more arrogant and ahistorical people than those who defend Israel. They demand you provide proof, and nothing you provide is ever good enough. And it’s incredibly easy to defame someone when you call them antisemitic. It takes you 3 seconds to say it, no proof needed, and a month to dispel its effects.

It’s a disgusting silencing tactic, and you should feel ashamed of yourself. If not for the countless people victimized by Israel, then for the actual victims of Antisemitism throughout history.