do u ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and on the exact same lyric as you 

no.. I am already familiar with the concept of FM radio


my heart says yes but my bank balance says no



You can’t just watch the news for a few days, read a couple headlines here and there, and think that you know what is really going on, why it’s happening, and what should be done about it. You cannot take one incident and examine it completely out of context and then use that as an argument.


"70 others killed." Wow, what the hell, Baltimore Sun?
Protesters force BBC to confront its pro-Israel bias


In More Bad News from Israel, Philo describes the backlash for BBC management from those who support Israel’s occupation whenever anything is published or broadcast that doesn’t accord with the Israeli viewpoint. He quotes a senior BBC editor telling him: “We wait in fear for the phone call from the Israelis.

The hope is that this week’s protests in London and around the country — and a letter signed by 45,000 — will show the BBC that there is a massive groundswell of its audience who want it to report fully, accurately and honestly on the occupation, and desperately want its journalists to find the courage to do so.”

Anonymous said: Is it true that Israel is sending medical aid and more stuff to Gaza to help them?



As an occupying power Israel is under an obligation to ensure the welfare of the Gaza population and not an act of generosity!

  • To the fullest extent of the means available to it, the occupying power must ensure sufficient hygiene and public health standards, as well as the provision of food and medical care to the population under occupation-the Geneva Convention  (X)


Israel is a member of the UN. It is therefore obliged to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council.

Israel has systematically failed to comply with this obligation.

In the past couple of days the karm abu salem crossing was completely closed and no aids could get in. (x)

Not to mention that when the borders are actually opened , not enough supplies could get in :

  • It also makes limited supplies of electricity. However these are notoriously insufficient and Gaza residents experience at least twelve hours of blackouts per day on average. The lack of sufficient fuel to sustain electricity supplies prevents water and sewage facilities from operating normally.” (x)
  • Gaza: Chronic Shortages of Drugs and Medical Supplies 

A very important point that more people need to be aware of. Do not succumb to the frail talking point pro-Israelis have about Israel sending supplies to Gaza. It’s not out of generosity and never was. 

I pray for a day when it will be…

But for now Israel is doing a LOT more damage. For someone to claim otherwise is shameful. 


غزة الشهداء , اللهم كن عونا و نصيرا لهم 
[T]he systematic anti-Hamas propaganda engineered by some Palestinian trends does not specifically target Hamas as an organization. It in fact targets the concept of resistance itself, as a practice, an idea, a consciousness. The alternative on offer is not resistance through different tactics. It is its antithesis, an alliance with colonialism.

-Tariq Dana | The Palestinian Resistance and Its Enemies (via america-wakiewakie)